Know Roots

June 3, 2012 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

Doc Watson’s death really hit me hard earlier this week.  Doc was a living legend and an idol of mine.  Not only did he have a soulful voice that could make you really feel a song he also created a style of guitar crosspicking.  He MADE a style of guitar playing!  


You know that corny 80s guitar solo that you love so much?  That greasy hair band used guitar techniques developed by Doc Watson.  The sad part is that too many people didn’t know and still don’t know who Doc was. He contributed so much to music and I really hope that people, especially musicians, learn about the roots of the music they love.  

I was also crushed by the death of Earl Scruggs earlier this year. He created a style of banjo playing.  All you pop-country fans, that banjo player picking that horrible roll in every one of those awful tractor songs is using a style made by Earl Scruggs.  

I started playing music because of people like Doc Watson and Earl Scruggs and I’m gonna miss them but they’ll always be alive in music to come in the future.  I never had the chance to meet these men but, damn, I love ‘em.

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