Life is for Taking Chances is my new album full of songs telling stories of risk takers… some work out for the best for the characters and some not. Stories in the songs include a western gunfight, Arizona winemakers, a loan shark with an enthusiasm for cigars, an escape artist with leprosy, love songs and so much more. Listen on your favorite app!


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Stories in Music




My name is Jeremiah Craig and I’m a contemporary folk singer/songwriter and musician. Thanks for coming by my website. I write stories with my songs and focus on traditional folk ballads as a foundation for my music. I’m a balladeer! If you like stories in the music you listen to, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Browse around and I hope you find something you like.




The Cowboy Boot Life



Not only am I a musician and songwriter, I’m also a cowboy boot enthusiast! Cowboy boots are some of the most durable and best looking footwear available. I started making cowboy boot videos on YouTube in 2018 and it’s been so much fun. Be sure to subscribe to my channel and join my Facebook Cowboy Boot Group!