I’m Back and Looking Better Than Ever for 2014

I'm Back and Looking Better Than Ever
March 10, 2014 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

Since the start of this year all you have really heard from me is the song “Turn It Like You Mean It”. I’ve been meaning to get back here but I have been building the music library for my new business, Due North Audio. Finally, I’m back with a brand new website (as you can see) and I have plans for a great 2014.

New Website

The old website was great but it looked horrible on phones and tablets. Something was to be done about it so I moved the entire site onto a different platform and used a responsive design so it will actually work on mobile (plus it’s pretty stylish). Browse around and let me know what you think. There may be a few kinks here and there so if you find one, be sure to comment on this page and I’ll fix it up.

Home Tapes Plans

As for music, I have been working on a new Home Tapes which I think I’ll announce at this point. This will be the second volume of the Home Tapes series and it will feature songs for the banjo. There will be absolutely no guitar on any of the songs for this Home Tapes whatsoever. It’s time I get back to my roots and since the banjo was the first instrument I learned how to play, I thought I’d give it some more attention.

Home Tapes Volume II is going to be called Lost Keys in Lounge Strange and it will be about a guy who gets stuck in a weird bar because he lost his keys. He then has to listen to stories told by odd patrons while he searches for his keys.

Recording will begin shortly and of course it will be a free download once it is done. It’s a little early to say when it will be released but as soon as I know, you can be sure that you’ll know too.

I have many other ideas for Home Tapes this year so be prepared to find some space on your mp3 player or hard drive because you’ll need it for all the downloading you’ll be doing!

Upcoming Shows

In addition to the new website and Home Tapes plans, I have a few shows coming up here in Arizona. The most recent one is a show in Flagstaff at the Campus Coffeebean on March 26th. You won’t want to miss it if you’re in the area. Last time I played in Flagstaff was at the folk festival up there so I’m excited to go back.

Jeremiah Craig at Campus Coffeebean

In April, I’ll be performing in a couple of Arizona wine tasting rooms. Arizona Stronghold and Page Springs Cellars are on the schedule be sure to come out to one, not only for the music but also for the great Arizona wines. I’ve got some more coming up too so check out the Shows page and come out!

See you around!