Brother Shot the Neighbor’s Drone (feat. Patrick McDermott)

Brother Shot the Neighbor's Drone
December 18, 2015 Jeremiah Craig 1 Comments

I can’t help but notice all the sales on drones this holiday season. I can only imagine that they will be all over the neighborhood buzzing about like mosquitoes soon because they are now so inexpensive. So I had some fun writing this song about drones this Christmas and how some people may react to low flying aircraft in their airspace.

“Brother Shot the Neighbor’s Drone” is the first Christmas song I’ve written that I’ve actually wanted to record and put out there. I wrote it about two weeks ago and played it at Grumpy D’s last week.

I had my friend and former Jack Swift bandmate, Patrick McDermott, play the piano on this song. The song just needed some holiday style piano so a huge thanks to Pat for the great piano on this track.

Feel free to download this song at my Bandcamp page if you like it and don’t forget to share!

Happy Holidays!