Page Springs Cellars Vino de la Familia Music Pairings

Vino de la Familia
March 5, 2015 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

This is Brynna and I’s second wine and music pairing with a varietal from Page Springs Cellars. Last time we paired their Viognier with two indie bands and this time we take their 2012 Vino de la Familia blend and end up with two completely different music pairings. This is the first time we’ve had such different choices but with a unique wine such as this, it comes as no surprise.

A quick note about this pairing: I recently tasted the 2013 vintage of the Vino de la Familia and it’s slightly different from the 2012 since there is no Viognier. The following pairings are just for the 2012 vintage although they may still work with the 2013.

Jeremiah’s Pairing

Cake Comfort EalgeThe 2012 Vino de la Familia is an interesting blend of Arizona grown Petite Sirah (83%), Syrah (9%), and Viognier (8%). It’s that Viognier that makes this blend so interesting and hard to decipher for me. On the nose, I got tones of wet leaves, lemon and cinnamon. Upon tasting, I really took note of what the Viognier contributes to the blend. It adds a sharpness and punchiness to the mellow body of the Petite Sirah and Syrah which made pairing it with music very difficult. Maybe one of my hardest pairings yet.

After making a few stabs in the dark at what might work, I took a step back and tried to breakdown the tastes and smells in the wine a little more. At the same time I was scrolling through my music library and passed the band, Cake, and I had a moment of supreme clarity and revelation. This was the band for sure and right when I played “Short Skirt Long Jacket” I knew for sure and It turns out the Vino de la Familia goes well with the entire Comfort Eagle album.

The pairing works for a couple of reasons. I remember when I first heard Cake and not really knowing what to think of them. They have a unique sound to them that’s open and doesn’t sustain very much but the delivery of their songs in the music and lyrics still has substance. It hits you fast thanks to the staccato in the bass, guitar and vocals. They’re punchy just like the Vino de la Familia and at the same time they’re substance works great with the body of the wine.

I saw Cake live with Brynna a few years ago in Buffalo, NY and it was an incredible show. Now I think the only thing that would have made it any better would be some of this wine. I would never expected that a wine would work well with Cake but it turns out the Vino de la Familia from Page Springs Cellars is the perfect pairing.

Brynna’s Pairing

Norah JonesWhile Jeremiah interpreted the wine as bold and playful, I found it to be more sexy and sultry, pairing well with the deep voice of Norah Jones. The tannins play well with the raspiness of her voice and the Viognier lends a hint of uplifting girliness. The overall flavor was well balanced and poppy, and is one of those wines you could get lost in.

The song that struck me first is called “Turn Me On” off of Norah’s first album. It is a mix of quiet soft vocals and a raspy blues inspired call to the listener. Its melody is jazzy and reminds me of a perfect rainy day tune while I’m missing the people in my life. It is a sultry song in every definition of the word and the deep leather and pepper smell paired with the spicy and tannic sip perfectly accompanies each measure of the song.

Find any other albums or songs that work as pairings? Let us know in the comments!