Finding A Good Recording Studio

April 7, 2013 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

Transcript from Video

Many of you know that I’m working on recording a new EP and if you read the interview that was posted on Ear To The Ground Music, you know that I was looking for a studio that had a good room sound and natural reverb. Well I found the perfect studio for me but is was a really strange story about how I actually did find it. I was almost as if the stars had aligned.

I’d been around town checking out some studios but hadn’t come across one that offered the sounds I was looking for. So one Saturday, I took a break from studio scouting and went to a songwriter event. One of my friends who was there said that I should play some of my stuff at a songwriters critique session. I really wasn’t all that interested but I did it anyways and played for a publisher that we’ll just call Scott Lesinger. He seemed to like what he heard from me and said that we should work together sometime. I, of course, agreed and then asked, “Do you know any good recording studios around here with a good room sound and natural reverb?”

He said, “yes, but I can’t quite remember the name. I saw the name OHM Audio on an album recently. I think that was them. You should check them out.”

So later I searched for the studio but I couldn’t find it anywhere online. It had no website. No Facebook page. The only place I saw the studio mentioned was in an album’s liner notes of an artist online. Luckily this artist had his email address on his website so I emailed me and a couple days later I got an email back with the phone number of OHM Audio. I called the place and set up a time to check it out.

I got there and the rooms weren’t really what I was looking for. I told him I was referred to by a publisher who said that OHM had access to large recording rooms with good reverb. He said, “well that’s definitely not here but I know the guy you’re talking about. Let’s call him.”

So we did.

Then we called another recording studio engineer who said he had large rooms I was told about and that he even knew the publisher who referred me. I guess Scott had switched some names around at the time I asked him. Still, I felt like a detective or as if the stars had aligned. It was a real round about way of finding this studio that Scott was talking about but I did finally find it.

I went over there and sure enough the space was just what I was looking for and I booked my studio dates right there.

Watch for the release of this EP coming soon.