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Regional Weekend: Portland, OR [EB21]

Portland was a hell of a time! It was my first time in the “keep it weird” city of the Northwest. I met up with The Upper Strata, a band I first met in Phoenix and after catching up with them and learning about the Portland scene for a couple of hours, I headed over to the Artichoke Music Listening Room where the crowd was full and ready for great acoustic music from four acts.

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Expressway Balladeer 2015 Fall Tour Series [EB4-20]

Hey, everyone! This page is where I’ll be keeping all the videos and notes from my 2015 Fall Tour. I’ll be updating it every time I release a new video at least. Don’t forget to get involved and send me questions or comments and I’ll reply in a video. I’ll have plenty of road time you know and a little conversation would be much appreciated. These videos will be ordered from newest to oldest.

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Goodbye Gavan

A few weeks ago I was at an open mic in West Seattle and I got to talking about the Phoenix music scene with someone who had moved up to Seattle from Arizona, like I just did, five years ago. He hadn’t been part of the scene when he lived in Phoenix but he was surprised when I told him the music scene in Phoenix is one of the most supportive and genuine scenes I’ve ever been apart of or heard about. Especially for original music. But this week, Phoenix lost one of the great musicians that helped make the scene so incredible.

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It’s Time To Go On Tour Again: Fall Tour 2015!!

It’s been 6 years since I last went on significant tour. The summer tour with Jack Swift was a 20 show stint over a month, across 5 states in the northeast. Since then I’ve been on a few mini tours, spanning a few days but nothing that can stand next to that Jack Swift tour. Until now that is. I’m going on tour again this fall with 15 shows all across the western U.S.!!!!

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How To Waterproof a Leather Hat

I don’t spend all my time drinking wine and listening/making music (even though that would be awesome and a great way to live life). I also love my hats and my boots and because I love them so much I take the time to properly care for them. If you feel the same way, maybe you’d enjoy this little video I made about how to waterproof a leather hat. Or at least how I do it anyways.

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A Folk Music Definition That Won’t Confuse You

Folk music means a lot of things to a lot of people and, hey, that’s cool. I’m not here to tell people they’re wrong about what the folk music genre is to them but, let’s face it, the definitions can get a bit confusing.

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How to Appreciate Wine Tasting When You’re Not an Expert

Wine tasting. The phrase alone is exciting and mouth watering with just the notion of spending time with friends, enjoying wine and getting a bit buzzed in the process. But it can also be intimidating to a lot of people. They might feel like they have to be a connoisseur to fully appreciate the wine itself, but the truth is: wine tasting is better if you’re not.

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A Look Inside The Crow’s Nest

Finally, I have my new recording studio set up the way I want it and stocked full of new instruments and some of my old standbys. This is the largest area I’ve ever had at my disposal to record and it’s called The Crow’s Nest.

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The Banjo and I

It can be a little tough choosing an instrument to learn when you’re young. At least is was for me. The trumpet was my first attempt at an instrument but it didn’t speak to me and then later the guitar was sort of an interest to me but many of my friends in school were giving the guitar a go. I wanted to be different but also stay in the tradition of singing songs around the campfire with my family. That’s when I decided I would play the banjo.

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Moved to Seattle!

It’s been a month since I’ve been able to properly post on this site (along with my Twitter and so forth) and I apologize for not keeping in touch with you all but there’s a good reason. I promise. I just moved up to the Seattle area and now I’m finally getting settled and I’m starting to get really excited because I have some great things planned!

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