Relaxing Water Sounds Have Their Own Stories

water sounds
January 27, 2015 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

While I was home last month in western New York there were plenty of hikes with my brother Levi and almost everywhere we hiked there was a creek, river or waterfall of some kind. I decided to try out my new portable recorder in these areas and capture the sound of the moving water. It started out as a test really but the quality of the recordings were so good I decided to release them for everyone else to enjoy as well.

relaxing water sounds

That’s one thing I miss now that I live in the desert. There’s just so much moving water back east. There’s a creek or stream everywhere you turn and a river is never too far away. These streams, rivers and waterfalls are also beautiful in the wintertime. The waterfalls, being half frozen, gave it a slightly different sound than usual and the creeks, also being somewhat frozen, had a bit more gurgling and bubbling thanks to the water going under the ice that covered the creeks in some places.

These sounds are relaxing and great for meditation, sleeping or just to play in the background to chill out. They also serve another purpose to me though. These water sounds tell a story.

You all know how much I love a good story and how that’s pretty much all I focus on when it comes to my music. Well these water sounds tell me stories and remind me of the times I was at these places, or places like them, in the past.

The “Icy Falls at Tuscarora” recording tells me the story of the time I went backpacking as a teenager with Levi and my Dad.  We were just getting into winter camping too so we all were testing our new mummy sleeping bags, water filters and dehydrated food packs. Camping next to a waterfall is one of the most relaxing areas to camp and it makes it great for sleeping too. In fact, Levi and my Dad made fun of me the next day because apparently I mentioned that someone forgot to turn the waterfall off before we went to sleep.

Along with that, the “Canaseraga Creek Near Cliff Face” recording tells me the story of the time I camped with my some of best friends for a bachelor party of a very close friend of mine. We had a blast swimming in the waterhole and playing some of the same stupid games we would as kids. It was just a good time and one worth remembering.

Also the “Trickling Creek in the Snowy Woods” recording reminds me of the time I was deer hunting with my bow next to small creek and a group of over twenty wild turkeys passed right in front of me. They didn’t see me and I didn’t even think about drawing. I was just fascinated watching them interact with each other as they moved through the woods. I’d never seen so many together before and haven’t since.

So just like songs can remind us and tell us a story of a time and place, sounds can do the same. Hopefully these water sounds tell you stories of specific time a place in your own life. Or just use them to relax. I put these water sounds on Spotify, Google All AccessRdio and so on. They’re also on iTunes and Amazon if you wanted to download them. Enjoy!