What I’ve Been Listening To: August 2014

What I've Been Listening To in August
September 4, 2014 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

Since I’ve started keeping track of what I listen to on a monthly basis and sharing it here, I’ve realized that I like to get into many different types of music and sometimes these lists may seem random and unorganized. There are months that have been more organized but most times they have been like what August has been like. Some popular music and some obscure picks. Enjoy. Here are links to playlists on Spotify, Rdio and Google Music.

Donne Tongue – Adult Jazz

Lead singer, Harry Burgess, has a ridiculous voice with an incredible range. He really shows off his range in this one right at the beginning by taking the melody higher and higher beyond expectations. It’s quite impressive really. The songs themselves have interesting beats and guitar parts making a sort of progressive indie rock/pop sound.

Lenore’s Lullaby – Molina and Johnson

This is one of those Sunday morning albums. Relaxed and laid back acoustically. Johnson’s vocals on this tune are fully of melancholy and Molina doesn’t sing much on this song but you can definitely can here his style in the production of the song.

Sweet Amarillo – Old Crow Medicine Show

I haven’t been this excited about a song in awhile. This is pretty much prefect in instrumentation, harmony, the story in the song itself and the emotions portrayed. I absolutely love this song. There’s an interesting story behind it too. After Darius Rucker covered “Wagon Wheel” and took it to the number one spot on the charts, Bob Dylan called Old Crow Medicine Show to congratulate them since Dylan wrote the chorus to “Wagon Wheel”. Dylan’s representation then sent OMCS another chorus written by Dylan during the same time as “Wagon Wheel” the chorus was the one in “Sweet Amarillo”. So the band members then did the same thing they did with “Wagon Wheel”: wrote the verses and the result is perfect.

Vintage Recipe – A.R. Rahman

Brynna and I saw an advanced screening of The Hundred Foot Journey and I thought the music A.R. Rahman composed for it was carefully crafted to incorporate both western music styles and Indian music styles. I wrote about it at the Due North Audio blog too if you’re interested in a more in depth look at the score. This song is a good example of the mixture of styles. The beginning uses traditional Indian instruments and the piece closes with just Western orchestration. The movie is pretty good too, by the way.

Çiçekler Ekiliyor – Orhan Olmez

I found this album while exploring the new releases in the folk genre of Google Music. Olmez is a Turkish singer and composer who shares a birthday with yours truly, so he’s gotta be cool, right?!

No hay que decirle el primor – Accademia del Piacere

Here’s another obscure pick I found from the Harmonia Early Music podcast. The entire album mixes Spanish Flamenco music with Spanish Baroque music. Seems like a strange mix but it totally works.

Ach, senliches leiden – Paul Agnew

The songs of Oswald von Wolkenstein are vary from the normal to the extremely strange and erotic. He lived a very dramatic life and I would expect that if he lived in the present society, he would have a reality show on TV. This song is one of his more normal and it translates to “Alas, Heartfelt Pain” which is about a loving a woman who does not return the feeling.

Train to Nowhere – Eric Clapton and Friends

Eric Clapton made an enjoyable album and JJ Cale tribute. He brought in a lot of his friends to help make it and I like this one particularly because of Mark Knopfler. I’ve always liked his voice.

21st of May – Nickel Creek

Consider me a fan of pretty much any song poking fun at silly religious ideas like a Judgement Day, especially a when its poking fun at the exact day being called Judgement Day. Nickel Creek is the good old band we all love on this track.

Well that’s all I have for this month. What have you been listening to? Let me know in the comments.