3 Reasons to Wear Cowboy Boots to Your Tech Job Interview

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March 1, 2023 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

There’s so much competition for tech jobs right now and applicants are doing whatever they can to get that slight edge over someone else in interviews. Have you thought about finding those old cowboy boots in the back of your closet and wearing them to your next interview? Here are three reasons why you should consider it.

1. Confidence

No matter your gender, wearing cowboy boots increases your confidence which is obviously a bonus in interview situations. Even if your interview is conducted over a phone call or Zoom, that boost in confidence will come through in your mannerisms and attitude.

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2. Style

Some people may find it unusual to wear cowboy boots in the tech industry but when you think about it, wearing tennis shoes, running shoes, or boat shoes is equally as unusual. In 2023, it is not necessary for your footwear to always be attributed to your job title and responsibilities.

Dress shoes are a good option for office style but so are dress boots. Exotic leathers like camian belly, lizard, and ostrich are all great choices for a nice pair of dress cowboy boots with clean and refined looks.

There are also a range of toe shapes to choose from based on your preferences. I prefer round toe options since they look a little bit more professional to me but depending on your body shape and preferences, square toe boots may work well for you too.

3. Individuality

Wearing cowboy boots in your tech job interview will most likely set you apart from other applicants. In states like Texas this may not be the case since boots are so widely worn by many different people. However, on the east and west coast states where many tech jobs are located, wearing boots can help someone remember you after your interview.

Conversations around your boots may arise as an icebreaker to create slightly deeper connections with your interviewer during in-person meetings. It’s also nice to be remembered as “the one who wore nice cowboy boots” along with all of your other great qualities when decision makers are discussing your interview amongst themselves to choose candidates for the next round of interviews or to approach with an offer.

It’s a tough market for tech jobs right now and cowboy boots might give you the little boost you need to get you back into the workforce doing what you do best.

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