Visiting Al’s Bootery in Billings, MT

Al's Bootery - Old Boots Got Soul
August 21, 2019 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

Visiting western stores is one of my favorite things to do. The smell of the leather, trying on all different types of cowboy boots, and learning new things from the professionals who run the stores. My visit to Al’s Bootery in Billings, Montana was an exceptional experience which included all of the above!

I got the chance to speak with the owner, Jill Jussila and she also gave me a tour of the store. There are so many boots! 

I also wrote a song for my visit and performed it while I was there. It’s called “Old Boots Got Soul” and I was inspired to write it from my first ever pair of cowboy boots. You can see them on the cover art for the single. They are cracked, well used, and have been the best pair of footwear I’ve ever owned. 

They’ve served me well over the past 12 years and are still kicking!

If you know cowboy boots, you know they are the most durable footwear available to the human race. I’m not kidding. I used to go through a pair of shoes in 6 months. Using duct tape to keep them together. Then my brother got some cowboy boots and I decided to follow his example. I soon learned they can handle everything I served up and still do to this day. 

Listen to “Old Boots Got Soul” on your favorite streaming platform and watch the Break Room Balladeer episode featuring Al’s Bootery below. 


If you know me, you know that just learning about boots and playing some music wasn’t enough for me. I had to try on some boots as well. 

So while I was there, I reviewed three pairs. The Ariat Boomtown, Al’s Bootery special Tony Lama smooth ostrich boot and Al’s Bootery special Nocona boot. 

Watch them all below and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more cowboy boot reviews and videos!