The First Anniversary of The Commandeer’s Release

The Commandeer EP First Anniversary

The end of this month marks the first anniversary of The Commandeer EP release. I’m still proud of how the whole thing turned out and I want to celebrate a little because it made such an impact in my life. So, I’ve decided to meet up with a few of the people involved with it and helped make it such a success. Plus I’ll be holding a sweepstakes to win a one of a kind, full sized album art Commandeer vinyl.

I’ll be speaking with Jalipaz from Audioconfusion where I recorded The Commandeer EP and I’ll have a video to share with everyone of our conversation. Jalipaz has a really unique style and perspective as an audio engineer. You’ll see. Jal and I have the same opinions on natural reverb so I was lucky to find his studio when I was looking to record early last year.

I’ll also be recording talks with a couple of other people involved with the Commandeer release. I don’t want to give away too much but I will say this, I’m excited to share everything.

In addition to sharing talks with some people involved with The Commandeer EP, I have a full sized album art, one of a kind, Commandeer vinyl up for grabs and it can be yours without much work. All you have to do is following:

Share the picture below on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (your choice, no need to share on all accounts unless you really want to).

Next, be sure to tag my Facebook music page, mention me on Twitter or mention me on Google+ in your post and include this link to The Commandeer EP music page:

The Commandeer EP by Jeremiah Craig

I’ll be putting up my own posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ if you’d rather just share one of those. Either way, you’re name will be in the running for the one of a kind Commandeer vinyl. Then I’ll use to decide the winner in the first week of June.