Solstice Tour 2016 Episodes [EB31-EB38]

Solstice Tour 2016 Episodes
July 2, 2016 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

The Solstice Tour was a great time through and through. As many of you know, I documented each day on tour in my Expressway Balladeer web series. I think the bestĀ oneĀ out of these eight new episodes is EB33 in Portland. Jon from The Upper Strata took me around his town and I got the low down on all the secrets of The City of Roses. The best show in the tour however was, by far, the last show at Vintage Vino and Espresso. The people who come out for my shows there are some of the best and it has truly become my favorite place to play in the Puget Sound area. Check out all the episodes below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss an episode while I’m on my Dog Days Tour.

Day 1: Boise, ID [EB31]

I’m back in Boise for the first day of The Solstice Tour. This town holds a special place in my heart. The first time I performed in this town a person came out to my show and was singing along with one of my songs. Boise is full of supportive people interested in finding new music. The city is grossly underrated but with the kind of spirit it has, it certainly won’t be for long.

Day 2: Bend, OR [EB32]

After attempting, and failing, to book a show in between Boise and Portland. I stop in Bend to book a show my next time through the area. I also visit an open mic night to play a new song called “Voices in the Overtones”.

Day 3: Portland, OR [EB33]

This is my favorite episode of the Solstice Tour series by far. Jon and I had a great time exploring Portland’s unique cuisine and chatting on rides from place to place. Magnolia was the host of the night’s show and I had the chance to join Johnny and Reg on the harmonica for a good ol’ blues jam.

Day 4: Dundee, OR [EB34]

Oregon wine country calls as I visit Fox Farm Vineyards and taste some of Willamette Valley’s famous pinot noir wines before my show on the patio.

Day 5: Bellingham, WA [EB35]

Learn how to shine cowboy boots at a rest stop before visiting Bellingham Bay and enjoying local Bellingham beer. This is what it’s all about.

Day 6: Vancouver, WA [EB36]

Traffic jams held me up from my usual episode format, so instead I answer questions from Facebook and Instagram mostly about the strange people and places I’ve come across while on the road. Then I play at The Thirsty Sasquatch and meet some more great people.

Day 7: Pasco, WA [EB37]

Route 14 is the star of this episode. I travel down the Columbia River on the Washington side after stopping at the Bridge of the Gods. Route 14 was the best drive of the entire tour by far. You’ll have to watch the episode to completely understand. When I get to Pasco, I taste test a local wine bar burger before my show at Gordon Estate.

Day 8: Maple Valley, WA [EB38]

Ending a tour with the best show of a tour is the only way to end such a trip. Vintage Vino and Espresso has fast become one of my favorite places to play in the northwest. After the show, I do a little tour wrap up and talk up the Dog Days Tour!

Thanks for watching The Solstice Tour series of Expressway Balladeer. Let me know what you think and what you’d like to see more or less of.