Regional Weekend: Monroe, WA 2/6/16 [EB24]

February 9, 2016 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

This week I’m in Monroe, WA at the cozy Twin River’s Brewing Company for the Regional Weekend of Expressway Balladeer. Twin Rivers is a pretty small place but they make some great beer and have a great atmosphere, which is probably why the place was pretty full for most of the night.

Right when I got there, I ordered the Smoked Porter and it lived up to its name well. I prefer a heavier, darker beer winter because it helps warm me up a bit. So I’ve been ordering stouts and porters recently at my brewery shows. The Smoked Porter was indeed smoky but it was also smooth which made it particularly enjoyable to drink.

In addition to the great Smoked Porter, the atmosphere at Twin River’s in Monroe, WA was unique to say the least. There are probably at least a dozen things on each wall that will help you and your friends strike up a conversation about how cool that thing is or how strange it may seem. One of the strangest pieces there was a buck head mounted on the wall but it was treated as if it was an aggressive dog. The hair was raised on the back, the ears were turned backwards and instead of deer teeth, the taxidermist put in dog teeth and made the buck snarl. It was an interesting piece that made me do a double take when I first walked in.

The other items on the walls were provided by the antique store across the road so if any of it interests you, you don’t have far to go to find more.

The show was another fun one. I’m enjoying playing at all the breweries recently and luckily for me, I have plenty more to come!