Regional Weekend: Bellingham & Moses Lake [EB25]

February 17, 2016 Jeremiah Craig 2 Comments

What a busy week but I can’t complain. I love the work. On February 10th, I made my way up to Bellingham for a show at Kulshan Brewing Company and then two days later I headed over to Moses Lake for a show at St. Brigid’s Brewery. There were lots of stops in between too. One at Whatcom Falls Park and then plenty of stops around both towns trying to get some future gigs.

Whatcom Falls Park is a very beautiful area that contains a few waterfalls. It’s a little busier than some of the more out of the way places but that helps keep it very well maintained and a fun place to visit.

Both shows at Kulshan Brewery and St. Brigid’s Brewery were great. I’m starting to figure out that breweries in Washington are the best places to play in the state. It’s feeling like a similar atmosphere to the shows I played in the Arizona wineries when I lived in Phoenix. Being surrounded by people passionate about what they’re making and being a part of that in a little way is an incredible feeling.

Also, since this was Valentine’s Day weekend the pressure was on to play some love songs so I pulled one out that I haven’t shared online yet. So you’re getting a sneak peek at this song which will be on my next album. The song is called “A Cheshire Shows” and it’s a love ballad.

I know, I don’t do very many love ballads but this one struck me so I had to write it. I hope you all enjoy it.

No shows this coming weekend so it’ll be two weeks before the next Regional Weekend episode of Expressway Balladeer. See you soon!

Jeremiah Craig in Bellingham