“Open Chest Revelation” Live in The Crow’s Nest

August 27, 2015 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

Here’s another Live in The Crow’s Nest video for you all. This time it features “Open Chest Revelation” from my new release, Home Tapes Vol. 2: Lost Keys in Lounge Strange.

“Open Chest Revelation” is a song about a near death experience while going through heart surgery. The character is eventually brought back to life but has a new view on what life is. There are many real stories about how people have left their bodies when on the brink of death and they’re always interesting to read or listen to. If you get a chance you should definitely look a few up for yourself.

Whether you believe in near death experiences or not, the topic is a perfect fit among the rest of the Lost Keys in Lounge Strange songs.

Don’t forget you can download Lost Keys for free so you should definitely do that…

Open Chest Revelation