My Aspirations

August 5, 2019 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

This year has been crazy so far. Between moving across country, setting up in Boston, preparing for my wedding with my amazing fiancee, and keeping up with all the content and music possible. 

I haven’t released as much music as I’d like to but there’s still time for new songs on the tail end of 2019.

During our move across country I did an “Ask Me Anything” on my Instagram and user @noah_know_how asked me about my aspirations for my YouTube channel

When it comes down to it, my aspirations for everything I do is to be a full time independent singer/songwriter.

Surprise, surprise!!

YouTube is one way I’m trying to accomplish that but there are several other methods I have at my disposal to help me reach my goal. 

Music has never been a lucrative field but currently it’s even more difficult to earn a living relying on just Spotify streams and live shows. This is why at the end of my last tour, I decided to go back to the drawing board and rework my business plan.

My Business Plan

Basically, I’m treating myself and my music as a “freemium” model, meaning that if you don’t want to pay for my music or my content, you don’t have to. Instead I can place ads and other forms of sponsorships on my music and content. 

More and more content is becoming available for free and I couldn’t be more excited. We live in a great time and I have many nontraditional opportunities at my disposal. 


St. Jude advertising on one of my YouTube videos

I’m on several different platforms and some allow for me to put advertisements in my content. I am currently running ads on my YouTube channel and on this website as well. I might get a few cents to a few dollars every time someone clicks on these ads which isn’t much but it all adds up! 


I have also put myself in a position to receive sponsorships for events and content. Last year I organized an entire event with sponsors called presents Supporting Sound. Receiving sponsors for events and content is a major revenue stream within my business plan I plan on reaching out to more companies and organizations to help make my music and content freely available to everyone. 

Live shows

Jeremiah Craig for the homepage!
Live at Logo Unlimited presents Supporting Sound

Since the world today is so saturated with independent musicians, many venues feel like they do not have to pay performers. There are so many who will perform for free so I can’t say I blame them. Still, in some cases performing does have a decent payday and even though I’m focused more online currently I will play at a venue whenever I get the chance. I’m planning on most of my best paying gigs in the future being organized independently and separate from the traditional music venue with sponsors. 

Music Streams

My Spotify Page

Most people are listening to music through apps like Spotify and Apple Music. I think it’s great that music has become so easy to access to everyone. The only downside is independent musicians only receive $0.005 or less per stream. This form of revenue is by far the least lucrative which is another reason why I am not relying on music plays. Still I can make around $80 a month. Not much but it puts gas in the tank.

Influencer Payments

I did not plan on becoming a cowboy boot “influencer” but I’m happy it happened because it adds more revenue possibilities into my business plan. As I make cowboy boot videos to help bring awareness to my music, I’m able to partner with companies who give me “influencer codes” to give people a discount on cowboy boots and I get a percentage of the resulting sale. Check my online store for all discount codes!

Break Room Balladeer Partnerships

This is in the process to become my biggest revenue stream at the moment. Break Room Balladeer began as a way to collaborate with local businesses in order to share their story and to promote myself to their audience. Since then I have developed a marketing service called “1 Day = 10 Weeks” where I create ten weeks of content after spending one day with a company. I’ve combined this idea with Break Room Balladeer to lower the price of my marketing service while also including the company in my web series and promoting myself to the company’s audience. 

Licensing Songs

I have not been lucky enough to license a song for television or movies yet but this is always on my list since it is one of the best ways to make money off of my music.

Commissioned Music

I have written several theme songs and musical intros for podcasts and other web series around the nation. They are fun one-off projects and it puts a little walking around money in my pocket. 


Finally, I have created more merchandise for fans interested in supporting me on that front too! Whether you are looking for “cowboy boot” related clothing, shirts featuring my lyrics, music on vinyl or something more out of the ordinary, I’m always building up my merch for those of you looking to support me directly. Check out my online store to see what I have!

More to Come!

Some of these are current revenue streams and some I’m still working to build. I’m also remaining open to other opportunities that have yet to present themselves. Ultimately, I’m trying to diversify my content and music so everything I do comes back to bring awareness to my music. I am a singer/songwriter to my core and I love going about this in the independent way. Thanks for joining the ride!