Lost Keys in Lounge Strange

Lost Keys in Lounge Strange - Jeremiah Craig
July 17, 2015 Jeremiah Craig 3 Comments

Imagine yourself happily spinning your keys on your finger as you walk down the street on a cheery beautiful day. Just then, your keys fling off of your finger mid-spin and fly into a dive bar called Lounge Strange…

You enter the sketchy establishment thinking that your keys should be right there on the floor in the doorway and yet they’re no where to be found! You speak to the manager who tells you to ask his customers but instead of getting answers from the strange crowd, you get nothing but tale tales and unbelievable yarns….

Finally! Home Tapes Vol. 2: Lost Keys in Lounge Strange is available for your listening pleasure and free download! The scene above describes the songs on this new installment of the Home Tapes series. Each track is a strange story from a patron of Lounge Strange as you look for your lost keys. Stories of monsters, murderers, giants, aliens, the afterlife and more!

download at bandcamp

This small and weird collection of ballads were written and composed all on banjo so the recordings reflect that fact so there’s not one lick of guitar on any of the songs. I’m joined by my buddy Jake Boucher on many recordings on bass and percussion.

I’ve released two versions of Lost Keys. The first is the stereo, digital recordings which were my main effort but for those of you who enjoy a more authentic sound I have a mono, analog treated version also available for download.

Download Lost Keys in Lounge Strange for free here and you’re welcome to throw a tip my way if you really enjoy it!