Expressway Balladeer Home Roots Tour Episodes [EB45-EB54]

home roots tour episodes
September 25, 2016 Jeremiah Craig 1 Comments

I learned a lot from the Home Roots Tour but I also had one hell of a time. I learned where I want to take my music career, how I’d like to change my live performances and storytelling in my shows. If you were at the The Riviera show in Geneseo you know exactly what I’m talking about because that was the show I want to play and how I’ll base my future shows. It was, without a doubt the best show I’ve ever played and the most exciting part of is that there’s only better shows to come.

If you missed out on any of the Home Roots Tour episodes or want to relive any of the moments, here are all the episodes starting with Moses Lake, WA and ending with, of course, Geneseo, NY. Enjoy and binge safely.

Day 1: Moses Lake, WA [EB45]

I kick things off back in Moses Lake, WA after making sure I have the car packed with everything I’ll need for the long road ahead. This episode features “Steel Never Cold for Long” a story about a female who just doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit. A few men try to punish her for it and let’s just say it doesn’t go well for them.

Day 2: Baker City, OR [EB46]

I visit an Oregon Trail Museum and explore historic Baker City before performing at the famous Barley Brown’s Taproom on their second story stage. I was the first performer to actually sit over the edge and play a song. That song is “A Cheshire Shows” which is a little love ballad about two young lovers who try to hide their passionate acts from the girl’s parents.

Day 3: Pocatello, ID [EB47]

Off to Pocatello, Idaho for the third day of the tour as I get the run down on windmill manufacturing and shipping. Then I get a brewery tour from brewmistress, Penny Pink at Portneuf Valley Brewing. This episode features the song “Grudges that the Demons Lack” which is about a religious man who lets the grudges he holds keep him from moving forward in life.

Day 4 & 5: Logan, UT [EB48]

It’s day four in Utah and it starts at Newton Lake as I head towards Logan. Before the show, I feature some fun facts about Logan then perform at Caffe Ibis. However I couldn’t record the show there so I include day 5 in this episode as well. I get a haircut, follow my gut and traverse around I-15 then perform the traditional song, “Rider”, at the Strawberry Reservoir.

Day 6: Palisade, CO [EB49]

Palisade, Colorado is an amazing place. I go full out tourist after I finally feature my car, a Buick LeSabre named Santa Maria, visiting a local wine organization then getting a tour of the Palisade Brewing Company. “Almost Yesterday” is the song featured in this episode. One of my longer songs about losing innocence.

Day 7: St. George, UT [EB50]

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I get a great breakfast from some great new fans at Grande River Winery then I head back to Utah. I stop at the old mining town of Silver Reef then find out I’m double booked at George’s Corner for my show. Even though double bookings can often turn out really bad for a traveling artist, this one worked out fine and both of us still got to play and get paid for our performance. So I jam out with Melanie Devaney on my song “Out with the Old.”

Day 8 & 9: Jerome, AZ and Gallup, NM [EB51]

I’m back in Arizona but since my original show for the day was cancelled, I meet up with the Arizona Wine Monk and we record a podcast for his series featuring Arizona wines (which has become known as one of the top ten Arizona podcasts). Then for day 9, I head off to Gallup, NM for a show at Coal Street Pub where I perform “Dusty Vines”, my song about the wine made in Arizona. During the making of this episode I lose my camera charger so I had to record the show on my phone.

Day 12: Griffith, IN [EB52]

Who doesn’t need to know how to make a whistle out of the top of an acorn? It’s really quite simple so I show you how to kick off this episode. Since my charger was lost, I was unable to record days ten and eleven in Texas but I picked up a new one and I was back in business for Griffith, Indiana. I also talk about my experiences so far on tour and then head over to Wildrose Brewing Company for a lesson in beer making. Then I perform “Jack Be Nimble” which is an ode to my college band.

Day 13: Parkman, OH [EB53]

I avoid toll roads as I head to Parkman, Ohio for a show at Laleure Vineyards. I get the lowdown on the history of Laleure and a little tour as well before I start performing. During my third set, I stepped out in front of the sound system with my banjo and performed “The Ghost Ghosts’ Fear the Most” a song about a ghost who has extraordinary powers over other ghosts because he was cremated after a horrible wreck.

Day 14: Geneseo, NY [EB54]

It’s all led up to this. The show at the incredible Riviera in Geneseo and what a show it was. The acoustics in the theatre made it so I didn’t need a PA. The lack of the sound system helped me make a better connection with the audience which made this show at the Riviera the best show I’ve ever played hands down. I’ve included a recording of my song “Viaduct” about being really happy and everything seeming to go your way. Then I close out this episode with a wrap up of the tour, what I’ve learned and what I’m looking forward to.

Thank you all for being apart of this tour and I’m sure I’ll see you all again soon.