What Cowboy Boots are Made in Mexico

What cowboy boots are made in mexico
April 21, 2021 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

So many cowboy boot companies rely on Mexican factories to make their boots. There are lots reasons why a company based in the United States would work with factories in Mexico and I recently published a video on YouTube explaining six reasons in particular!

While several cowboy boot brands have their boots made in Mexico, here are sixteen popular brands!


Of course Tecovas has become one of the most popular boot brands made in Mexico in recent years thanks to lots of marketing and a focus on customer service. They have many different styles from the Tecovas Roper boots, Tecovas square toe cowboy boots, even a Tecovas work boot and more!

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Yeehaw Cowboy

Yeehaw Cowboy is an online only western wear store which carries many big name brands, including their own name brand of boots made at the Los Altos Factory in Leon, Mexico. They focus mainly on exotic boots like ostrich, caiman and python. I love my Yeehaw Cowboy caiman boots… in fact, I got married in them! You can save 10% on boots at Yeehaw cowboy with my promo code. Check here for the most recent code.

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Los Altos

Speaking of Los Altos, they have some great options for very reasonable prices. I learned so much when I visited their factory in Leon, Mexico. Including their focus on quality.

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One of the biggest companies in the cowboy boot world is Ariat and they have boots in several factories all over the world. From China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico! It’s not easy to filter which of their boots are made in Mexico on their website but your best bet is to check out boots in their Circuit line. Most of those are made in Mexico.

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Hondo hasn’t changed the way they’ve made cowboy boots since they started in 1965 and for good reason. They live by the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Hondo makes boots the traditional way with hard leather insoles, leather lining and more. There’s beauty in their simplicity and they’ve always been made in Mexico.

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Like many brands based in the United States, Lucchese has moved the production of some boots to Mexico. They’ve been one of the top brands for years and their Mexican made boots are still extremely high quality!

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Lane boots are the only brand in this list who produces boots primarily for women. They do have a few men’s option but cowgirl boots are their bread and butter. Some of their boots aren’t 100% western style but they are all definitely western influenced. They are also one of my wife’s favorite brands thanks to their unique designs!

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Here’s a new brand making waves for comfort and sustainability. Chisos is known for using retired dairy cow leather rather than calfskins used by many other companies and a luxuriously thick, comfortable insole. Plus a percentage of every sale goes to benefit Texas land conservation.

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Another brand new boot company based in Texas selling Mexican made boots is Rujo and they focus on simple styles using beautiful leathers. Not only that but they have some of the best prices for caiman boots in particular!

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JW Boot Company

One of the more unique brands in this list. JW Boot Company makes boots to your specific specifications. You have the choice to order one of the designs on their website or you can contact them and customize your order with different color leathers, toe shapes, stitch patterns and more. Order times may be longer because they don’t build the boots until you order but many times having a unique pair of boots is well worth the wait.

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This brand comes from the Mexico factory that used to make Tecovas boots until they parted ways after disagreements. Bachesto continued to make the style Tecovas popularized and offer them at a cheaper price for men and women. So if you like the look of Tecovas boots but want to spend less than $200, Bachesto may be a good way to go but you’ll have to use my 10% off code with Yeehaw Cowboy to save that cash! Check here for the most recent code.

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Old Gringo

One of the best built and beautiful boot brands coming out of Mexico, Old Gringo has some amazing styles for men and women! Since they are such high quality boots with intricate designs, they usually come with higher price tags but when you use my code at Yeehaw Cowboy, you can save a good chunk of change. Check here for the most recent code.

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That’s right! The popular hat brand also sells boots and they get them made in Mexico! Stetson has a couple of different levels of quality. They have their less expensive Stetson line and their higher quality JBS line of boots with some incredible exotic options.

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Dan Post

Another classic brand who has made boots all over the world. From the US, Spain, China and now most of their boots are made in Mexico. Dan Post has some great budget options for boots and it’s another brand you can save 10% when you use my code with Yeehaw Cowboy. Check here for the most recent code.

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Corral has become popular as one of the go-to brands for women’s wedding boots thanks to their beautiful rhinestone designs and embroidery. This beautiful brand of boots also makes styles for men as well and are a great example of great Mexican made quality!

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To finish things off, I wanted to include a classic brand who doesn’t make a lot of cowboy boots but they certainly have a few boots with lots of western influence like their Duke roper boot! Not all Frye boots are Mexican made but many of their western styles are.

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What’s your favorite Mexican made cowboy boot brand?