"Busy My Spade" Release

July 17, 2012 Jeremiah Craig 1 Comments

My newest song, “Busy My Spade”, is now available at all digital retail sites and Bandcamp

“Busy My Spade” is about a gravedigger who makes it his life’s work to save people who have been buried alive. Since people were occasionally buried alive in the 1500s, a string would be tied to a person’s wrist before they were buried then it would be attached to a bell, above ground, next to the gravestone. If and when the bell rang, meaning the person was alive and moving around in their coffin, this man working the “graveyard shift” would come save them by digging them out.

Dig it?

The tune was recorded during December 2011 in Groveland, NY and has finally been released on digital music retail sites. The music video was released a few months ago (You can see it below. That was a cold, cold day).

“Busy My Spade” uses some interesting instrumentation including a bowed banjo, a broken Victrola and spoons on a washboard. I was joined in the studio by Sarah Johnson and Marissa Battaglia on background vocals. A huge thanks goes out to them. The song would not be as great without them in my opinion.

Enjoy everyone!

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