This May Be The Best Boot Jack for Cowboy Boots Ever

best boot jack for cowboy boots
April 14, 2020 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

Boot jacks have always seemed awkward to me. I’ve done a lot of driving across country from being on tour and boot jacks have a fixed shape making them tough to travel with and weird to store in tight places.

I was on the phone with my Dad who owns a fabrication company in western New York State about a half hour outside of Rochester called Twisted Willow Fabrication. He was telling me some of the difficulties a few of his clients were having and what that meant for him so I pitched him an idea I’d been thinking about for awhile.

Can you make a metal boot jack that folds into itself so it’s not such an awkward shape?

He said he’d think about it.

Then a few days later he had a working prototype.

I was pretty surprised because it was nothing like I imagined it to be. It was so much better.

Top folded
Bottom folded
Bottom unfolded
Top unfolded

It’s made out of 3003 aluminum, polyethylene plastic for ground and boot contact so there are no scuffs, stainless steel hardware and it all swings on a torque hinge which is preset so it can be opened easily but not fall in on itself when removing boots.

The way the boot jack folds into itself is my favorite part. It makes it so simple to put in the door of a truck or put in your luggage for a flight. Since it’s mostly aluminum, it only weighs 1 pound and 6 ounces so it won’t weigh you down.

Easy to store in the door of your truck or carry in luggage

I’m so excited to release this as a collaborative product between myself and Twisted Willow Fabrication. I’m calling it the “Try Easy Boot Jack” because those are the first two words in my song “Voices in the Overtones” about staying true to yourself and finding opportunities where others see negativity.

This boot jack is such a “Try Easy” moment, it’s like, how is this not a thing already!? It just took the experience of a traveling musician to realize what would fit the needs of traveling boot wearers and the expertise of a master fabricator to bring it to life!

I also did a durability test with the “Try Easy” Boot Jack and I ran it over with my Buick, then opened it up and used it! It survived and still looked great and did the job.

Get yours today!

Buy yours now at this link!