Rattlesnake Black Jack Boots GIVEAWAY with Tim’s Boots!

rattlesnake black jack boots giveaway
June 15, 2021 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

I’ve partnered with TimsBoots.com for a rattlesnake Black Jack Boots giveaway worth $787!

Let’s celebrate the upcoming American Independence Day with this incredible American made brand.

Huge thanks to TimsBoots.com for making this possible. See more about the rattlesnake boots featured in the giveaway here!

The winner will receive a gift certificate to TimsBoots.com for $787 to be used however you wish. You can get the rattlesnake boots, you can put it towards a more expensive pair of boots, or you can get two cheaper pairs of boots!

How to Enter

  1. Like the Black Jack Boots video on YouTube
  2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel
  3. Fill out the form below

Entries end on Friday July 2nd at 3pm ET.

After you’ve done all three of the things above, join me on Friday July 2nd for a Boots & Ballads live stream giveaway event on YouTube at 8pm ET.

The Boots & Ballads live stream will all happen at this link!

Be sure not to miss the live stream show on YouTube, here are three ways to get a reminder…

  1. Tap “Set Reminder” on the YouTube live stream page
  2. Reply to the Facebook Event page
  3. Add to your Google Calendar

Now fill out the form below to enter the rattlesnake Black Jack Boots giveaway with TimsBoots.com!

You must have an address in the United States to win.

If you can’t get the embed to work below, try entering at this link.