What I’ve Been Listening To : March 2014

What I've Been Listening To
April 1, 2014 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

This past month I switched things up a lot from the music I usually listen to. I’ve been listening more and more to film scores as I record more music for Due North Audio. I’ve been learning a lot from great composers of Hollywood just from listening to their work. I’ve also been really digging into the works of Peter Gabriel. Very few of Gabriel’s albums are on streaming sites but I found a nice little stack of used CDs the last time I went to Goodwill. Since around half of the songs on this month’s list aren’t on streaming sites I didn’t make any playlists but I’ll still post all the tracks here.

History of Artemisia – Junkie XL

I wasn’t expecting much at all from the new 300 movie. I haven’t seen it yet but I wasn’t even expecting much from the film score. Not until I read some pretty incredible things about it and decided I’d give it a chance. I’m happy I did too. Junkie XL combines styles of the time with electronic techniques. I love the wobbles in this one.

Logos / Pranking the Natives – Michael Giacchino

Star Trek: Into Darkness was a very enjoyable movie. Not quite the same kind of enjoyable as the older Star Trek movies but Michael Giacchino really makes this movie great for me. Giacchino’s unique use of the harp can be heard throughout the movie and it’s one of my favorite things about his composing style.

Cosmos Main Title – Alan Silvestri

The reboot of the Cosmos series comes with a heavy focus on music just like Carl Sagan’s original. Silvestri uses some popular samples in his score but overall the music is full of wonderment and energy, just like the topics covered in each episode. I compared Vangelis’ first episode score and Silvestri’s over at the Due North Audio blog if you’re interested.

Titles – Vangelis

Watching the new Cosmos and the original got me wanting to listen to more Vangelis. Luckily I found a vinyl of the Chariots of Fire score at a record store for a great price. This is one of the most memorable themes ever.

Red Rain – Peter Gabriel

Gabriel’s new orchestral redos of his classic tunes have a wonderful fresh sound almost like they were meant to end up with orchestral support. Red Rain is one of the best from the new arrangements.

Growing Up – Peter Gabriel

I still haven’t been able to decide which of Gabriel’s albums is my favorite. I’ve narrowed it down to Peter Gabriel III and Up. Both have so many good songs but this month Up got all my attention. Like all of the songs on this album, Growing Up has an awesome production. My favorite part is when he sings a verse over his chorus vocals. So good.

Signal to Noise – Peter Gabriel

Here’s another Gabriel tune and another from Up. This is definitely my close second to favorite songs on Up. The mid-eastern style of singing on this is brilliant.

Anagram – Young the Giant

I know I included “It’s About Time” on a previous post of what I’ve been listening to but Young the Giant’s new album, Mind Over Matter, is just so fun and great for road trips.

Let It Be (feat. Veela) – Blackmill

Not only have I been getting more into film scores this month, I’ve been also listening to more electronic music. I really like Blackmill and the style of dubstep they have. It much more chill than the more abrasive stuff that’s out there, like Skrillex. Its just nice to listen to.

Endless Fantasy – Anamanaguchi

I got this song through NPR’s mp3 sampler of SXSW. Its a fun electronic track with a clean production. Also, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing to it.