You’re all in for a treat on this episode of Expressway Balladeer. I’m joined by my girlfriend, Brynna Baldauf as we hit up Piccola Cellars. This was a really fun time and one of my favorite episodes yet!

Piccola Cellars is located in North Bend, Washington. It’s a little pretty town just west of the Cascade range. The interesting thing about the Piccola Cellars is that they put all their wine in kegs. They don’t bottle it traditionally so if you want to buy some wine from them, you either buy a growler of it or a tote. It’s a great idea and they do it very well. The kegs don’t make the wine any less tasty that’s for sure. Brynna was impressed by the Rose they had on tap, a 2014 made from grapes grown in Walla Walla. I have to say that I thought it was pretty tasty too and I’m not ashamed to admit it! You’ll have to watch the episode to see what she thinks of their Syrah.

The song featured on this episode is an oldie for me. It’s one that harkens back to my Jack Swift days (which was my college band in the Northeast). The song is called “Jack Be Nimble” and it’s all about our hopes and dreams as band. I recorded about a year and a half ago and released a video of it. You can check out the “Jack Be Nimble” recording and lyrics by clicking here.

I hope you all enjoy this episode. It’s one of my favorites yet!