February 2015 Playlist: What I’ve Been Listening To

March 3, 2015 Jeremiah Craig 0 Comments

After last month’s video playlist, I was excited to do another for February. So let’s get right down to it.

Starting off this month’s playlist is a band that Brynna introduced me to call Glass Animals and their song “Gooey” off of the new album, ZABA. This song has a catchy melody with a chill beat that’s very intriguing. The music video was only just release a week or so ago and it’s very well produced.

“Competition” by The Dodos is the second song on the playlist. This is off of their brand new album called Individ. The music video for “Competition” is my favorite of the year so far since it showcases the two band members doing interpretive dance to the song. The most impressive feat of the video is the fact that it looks like it was shot in one take with one camera! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The third song on the playlist is a classic and a long time favorite of mine. “Samson” by Regina Spektor. This is off of her album Begin to Hope and it’s a different take on the Samson/Delilah story that shows off her great songwriting and ability to portray emotions through her voice.

Thanks to Pitchfork.com, I found Noveller and her new album Fantastic Plant. The entire album is comprised of ambient electric guitar instrumentals and soundscapes produced are deep and beautiful. Noveller is the stage name for Sarah Lipstate. She has a great thing going with Noveller and I look forward to some of her future work.

The next two songs are new releases from my friends. First up is Laura Joy’s new song “Takes A While”. This is a happy, bouncy sort of tune off of her upcoming EP, Between Our Words. The second is “Helpless” from The Upper Strata’s new EP, Shadow Upon The Snow. I talked to Jon and Regula of Upper Strata about this song and they said it’s about living in the city but striving to spend time in the country and in nature.

Ending this month’s playlist are two songs from two legendary performers. This first is from Doc Watson and one of his most popular songs, “Deep River Blues”. On one of my live records, Doc Watson explains that he wanted to take the Delmore Brothers tune “Big River Blues” and do it with the fingerstyle of Merle Travis. He said it took awhile to figure out but he sure did and that’s why it’s one of his most popular songs.

Closing out the playlist we have “Full Moon Empty Arms” off of Bob Dylan’s new Shadows in the Night album of Sinatra covers. To some, this album may seem out of the ordinary for Dylan but the production of many of the songs remind me of his song “Moonlight” off of the Love and Theft album.

Thanks for watching and listening to this month’s playlist!

February Playlist