Hey, everyone! This page is where I’ll be keeping all the videos and notes from my 2015 Fall Tour. I’ll be updating it every time I release a new video at least. Don’t forget to get involved and send me questions or comments and I’ll reply in a video. I’ll have plenty of road time you know and a little conversation would be much appreciated. These videos will be ordered from newest to oldest.


After some technical difficulties in Boise for the last show I wrap things up on this last episode for the fall tour.


Start the day off in the Salt Flats as I head to Elko, NV and I explore the home of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.


Back on route 15 towards SLC for a show in Orem, UT. I talk about classic ballads and my goals as a songwriter.


Vegas BABY! .. and The Commandeer in its entirety.


This episode is all about Arizona wine!


Sidepony Express Music Festival down in Bisbee, AZ!! I’m also interviewed by a radio station out of Las Vegas.


I check out Cottonwood’s “Walkin’ on Main” festival and talk with artist, Jeremia Sunfellow before my show.


Didn’t get a chance to take video today but I still take a moment to explain what went down.


I start the day off right with a burrito and then my friends play at my show in Chandler, AZ.


There’s a random petting zoo and the Kolob Canyons on my way to St. George, UT!


I visit Fort Douglas Military Museum and then I play at the Ditta Cafe.


Since my show for the day was canceled, I do my best to find a pickup show in Salt Lake City and make a little money… will I be successful??


I’m up early to hit the road for an afternoon show at Caffe Ibis in Logan, UT. On the way there I sing the classic Irish ballad “The Auld Triangle” and then I stop at the Logan Canyon.


After a great start to the tour in Pasco I head to downtown Boise to play Boise Brewing. I also talk about why I don’t play many popular cover songs.


It’s the first day of tour! I’m kicking things off at Gordon Estate Wine Bar in Pasco, WA. On the way I play a road trip game and stop at Red Mountain.


Tour expenses can get pretty out of hand if you’re not careful. Between shelter, fuel and food a touring musician can run out of money fast. But there is a solution. Make you’re own food! Today I’m making bread to take with me on tour and it’s tasty bread too.


Who doesn’t have a favorite pair of shoes? These boots are my all time favorite. Not just because they’re comfortable either but because they are the boots I wore on my first ever tour and were the boots I wore when Brynna and I moved west. They’ve had a lot of adventure and I couldn’t see them on the sidelines for this next one…