I don’t make very much money at all with this website, yet anyways. But still I’d like to be clear in some of my efforts to earn an income from this site just because I’m a nice guy (and it’s required by law).

On a few blog posts and pages I have Amazon affiliate links from which I receive a tiny commission if you decide to buy a product after clicking the link. They also may use cookies to advertise those things to you on Facebook and other sites.

Any advertisement you may find on this site, at any time doesn’t necessarily mean that I endorse that product or service. Sometimes those cookies I mentioned will advertise products on other sites. That may occur with the use of Google Ads on this site. I don’t have very much capabilities on data collection, only that allowed by Google Analytics. If you are familiar with that service you know what data I can see, if not, all I can view is from where you visit my site, how long you’re here and a few other little things but it’s completely anonymous. I still have no idea who you are unless you tell me. Which I’d love for you to do. Head on over to my contact page!

Also, any and all personal information you send to me after calling me, emailing me or buying some of my music or merch stays with me and only me. I will not ever share your information with a business or third party. Also, I do not sell links for the purposes of search engine optimization.

If you’re interested in buying an ad spot on this site feel free to contact me with your plans and I’ll be happy to provide my site’s traffic and other details.