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Trapiche Malbec Music and Wine Pairing

Brynna and I have been doing a lot of our wine and music pairings with Arizona wines but now that we’re in the grand state of Washington, we’ve decided to expand some of our pairings. We’ll be pairing the wines made here with music, of course, but also wines that are easily available to more people so that those of you on the east coast and elsewhere can join in our experimental pairings. I’ll be taking this first pairing with the new plan solo.

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How to Appreciate Wine Tasting When You’re Not an Expert

Wine tasting. The phrase alone is exciting and mouth watering with just the notion of spending time with friends, enjoying wine and getting a bit buzzed in the process. But it can also be intimidating to a lot of people. They might feel like they have to be a connoisseur to fully appreciate the wine itself, but the truth is: wine tasting is better if you’re not.

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Flying Leap 2011 Graciano Music Pairing

I’m always surprised when a wine brings to mind a specific scene or imagery even though it happens almost every time Brynna and I do these music and wine pairings. It happened with the Page Springs’ Viognier last time and most recently it happened with the Flying Leap 2011 Graciano. I got the sensation of being at a BBQ and chose great music to go along with that feeling. This pairing was tough ones but fun to discover.

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Page Springs Cellars Vino de la Familia Music Pairings

This is Brynna and I’s second wine and music pairing with a varietal from Page Springs Cellars. Last time we paired their Viognier with two indie bands and this time we take their 2012 Vino de la Familia blend and end up with two completely different music pairings. This is the first time we’ve had such different choices but with a unique wine such as this, it comes as no surprise.

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Page Spring Cellars Viognier Music Pairings

Every once in awhile a wine can bring about some nostalgic visuals in your mind and Page Springs Cellars’ Viognier is one of those wines. Brynna and I both had some cool imagery thanks to this wine and we picked music that also had a heavy use of imagery. This was a fun pairing. Check out what we picked.

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Wine and Music Pairings: The Mandala

Music and wine can pair as well together as wine and food. I sort of found this out by mistake when I was listening to Laura Marling and drinking Pillsbury. I wrote about it and Brynna Baldauf posted it on her blog, Gluten Free Grapes. I figured I’d get back to wine and music pairings with a focus on Arizona wines but this time Brynna will be helping out and picking her own music pairing for the wine. So let’s get to it! Today, we’re pairing music with Arizona Stronghold’s Mandala.

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