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Hear the Kim Jong-nam Assassination Story as Never Before

Occurrences as strange and high profile as last year’s assassination of the former North Korean heir to the throne, Kim Jong-nam, thankfully don’t happen that often. A world war was started thanks to a similar assassination in the past. Kim Jong-nam’s death hasn’t led to anything worse like Franz Ferdinand’s assassination led to the first world war yet, but the story was still so interesting and so incredibly strange at the same time.

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Fun with Animated Shorts on Snapchat and Instagram

So over the past week, my strange fascination in making animated shorts for Snapchat and Instagram reached a definite point of craziness. I’m having a lot of fun with these and I released a bunch little shorts from Lost Keys in Lounge Strange, the album I did with my buddy, Jake Boucher. Continue reading

The Magic Stone: A Fairy Tale

Stories have an enormous influence on culture and vice versa. We may not think about it sometimes but it’s true. It’s why we have certain superstitions, beliefs and feelings about a specific situation. We’ve all been brought up with some sort of story that serves as a piece of advice about everyday life and how to deal with it or how to behave. These come in the form of nursery rhymes, campfire stories and, of course, the fairy tale.

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