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Be Patriotic and Celebrate Black History Month

We’re still not there. In the 21st century, we in America are still not to the point where everyone is truly equal. Where no one person has an advantage over the other because of a superficial reason like skin color. It’s a shame really especially since so much of our culture has been built by black Americans.

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How to Remember Lyrics in Folk Music

Since I often play three to four hour shows, people frequently ask me how I remember lyrics to each and every song I play. To be honest, my memory is awful. Really, it’s incredibly bad. The trick in remembering lyrics lays in the tradition of folk music and why it exists in the first place.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Shamelessly Love John Denver

I completely forgot that today was Columbus Day until late this morning but I knew that today was the day John Denver passed away 18 years ago right from the start. So obviously, John Denver is much more important to me than Christopher Columbus.

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A Folk Music Definition That Won’t Confuse You

Folk music means a lot of things to a lot of people and, hey, that’s cool. I’m not here to tell people they’re wrong about what the folk music genre is to them but, let’s face it, the definitions can get a bit confusing.

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How to Listen to Free Music

Everyone loves free music right? This is the whole reason why streaming services like Spotify are doing so well and also why the genre of Hip Hop has become so popular over the past decade thanks to free mixtapes produced by artists. But people often say that all this free music is lowering our perceived value of music overall. They say that just because we have all this music at our disposal we don’t pay attention to it and just have it on in the background when in reality the amount of free music has allowed us to be picky.

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Why Folk Music Will Never Die

The genre of Folk music is in a strange place these days. There are many artists with acoustic guitars calling the music they play Folk music but really its just acoustic pop love songs. The key to Folk music is the story. A folk song must tell a story of some kind or be inspired by a story or tradition in the case of instrumental Folk music. Despite the watering down of the Folk genre with simple love songs, the true essence of Folk music will never die and that’s because it holds stories and history.

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YouTube’s Treatment of Indie Musicians is Crazy

Yesterday I saw a few articles reporting that YouTube will be blocking indie musicians’ videos if they do not agree to the terms of YouTube’s new music streaming service. The “sign this or else” strategy they’re using is stupid and foolish if they expect to remain the top player for online video and they should rethink this strategy. No one likes an asshole and YouTube is being an asshole.

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The Lazy Stance of Musicians Against Music Streaming

The debate about music streaming royalties is getting old for me (if you’re new to the issue, refer to this Springpad notebook of articles both for and against the service). It’s getting so old for me because musicians have been saying the same thing over and over for a couple of years now. All they ever say in this debate is that the internet is awful and that services like Pandora and Spotify should pay them more. Another article covering the issue with David Lowery was posted at New York Times earlier this week.

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Music Streaming is Not Bad, It's for the Listener

The discussion around whether services like Spotify and Pandora are good for the artist or not seems to come in swells.  It picks up for a month or two when a popular artist publicly bashes the model of online music streaming and it gets everyone talking about how bad these services are for the artists.  Then the conversations quiets down for a month or two until another artist speaks out against the service model.  I have to ask myself, “why does the conversation quiet like that?”  It’s because it takes place between the companies and the artists and does not include the listener, the most important person in this whole discussion.  The listener is not involved in the conversation because although streaming is becoming their desired form to consume music instead of using other channels, they are able to contribute little directly back. The only reason streaming is succeeding is because it is how listeners are choosing to listen to music.  Artists must keep this in mind.  

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Using Kickstarter to Fund an Album?… I Will Never

As many of you know I’m going back into the studio to record an EP I’m calling The Commandeer. Ear to the Ground Music interviewed me on preparing my new project and you can read it here.

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