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Hear the Kim Jong-nam Assassination Story as Never Before

Occurrences as strange and high profile as last year’s assassination of the former North Korean heir to the throne, Kim Jong-nam, thankfully don’t happen that often. A world war was started thanks to a similar assassination in the past. Kim Jong-nam’s death hasn’t led to anything worse like Franz Ferdinand’s assassination led to the first world war yet, but the story was still so interesting and so incredibly strange at the same time.

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Live Office Music for Seattle Tech Companies

Workplaces are much more casual than they used to be. We wear jeans everyday, there’s beer on tap, there are ping pong tables, and some even have slides. Now there’s live music too.

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Fun with Animated Shorts on Snapchat and Instagram

So over the past week, my strange fascination in making animated shorts for Snapchat and Instagram reached a definite point of craziness. I’m having a lot of fun with these and I released a bunch little shorts from Lost Keys in Lounge Strange, the album I did with my buddy, Jake Boucher. Continue reading

My Album Written and Recorded in One Weekend

The title says it all. I challenged myself to write and record an album in one weekend and I’m proud to say that I actually did it. Stream or download it for free below then check out the story of the project.

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Be Patriotic and Celebrate Black History Month

We’re still not there. In the 21st century, we in America are still not to the point where everyone is truly equal. Where no one person has an advantage over the other because of a superficial reason like skin color. It’s a shame really especially since so much of our culture has been built by black Americans.

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The Oddest Christmas Song You’ll Hear this Season

As I did last year, I have just released another not-so-ordinary seasonal song for you all to enjoy. I present “Odd Nog” (listen below), which tells the tale of a group of close friends or family infusing their Christmas Eve party with a little THC and it results in pure heartwarming fun for all.

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Dog Days Tour 2016 Episodes [EB39-EB44]

Another great mini regional tour in the books! Here’s every episode of the Dog Days Tour. From the kickoff in Buckley, Washington to the final day where I perform two shows in two states in the same day (which was definitely a first for me). I also announce an exciting national tour beginning at the end of August! Catch up on every episode below.

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Here Comes the Dog Days Tour for July

It’s a busy summer for me, and the Dog Days tour is the second of three tours during this year’s warm season. I’m announcing this from Bend, OR while on my Solstice Tour, so this is really non stop for me all the way and I’m lovin’ it.

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Announcing The Solstice Tour 2016!

This summer is going to be incredible and for more than one reason. Three reasons to be exact. We’ll start with the first… a seven date, three state excursion in June I’m calling The Solstice Tour 2016! That’s right, I’m headed back on the road. But what about those other two reasons, you ask? I have two more tours planned for this summer to round out a summer tour trilogy and it all begins with The Solstice Tour!

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Brother Shot the Neighbor’s Drone (feat. Patrick McDermott)

I can’t help but notice all the sales on drones this holiday season. I can only imagine that they will be all over the neighborhood buzzing about like mosquitoes soon because they are now so inexpensive. So I had some fun writing this song about drones this Christmas and how some people may react to low flying aircraft in their airspace.

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