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Porter & Joe Cocker: Red Hook Beer and Music Pairing

Can it be Spring yet??! I’m so ready for it. Still, usually I’m a seasonal kind of guy when it comes to my drinks. I like whisky in winter and gin in summer. I like red wine in the cold weather and white in the summer sun. I enjoy a pale ale in the spring and a stout in the fall. But as we wind down out of winter looking (longingly) to spring, I’m enjoying a porter with equally longing music.

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St. Brigid’s Brewery Beer and Music Pairing

After my show at St. Brigid’s Brewery in Moses Lake, WA, the beer maker and owner, Tom, was kind enough to send me home with some of his beer. Of course, I took the opportunity to do another beer and music pairing but this one turned out much different than I expected. In a good way though.

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Kulshan Brewing Beer and Music Pairing

Before I left my show at Kulshan Brewing Company in Bellingham last week I was sure to buy a six pack to enjoy at home. I choose the Red Ale. I’m not sure why. I hadn’t tasted it that night but that’s what I grabbed and I’m glad for it. After having one at home a day or so later, I decided that it would be another great beer to pair with music.

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Old Schoolhouse Brewery Beer and Music Pairing

As I settle into my new home base in the Northwest, I’m beginning to learn more about the areas and venues that I enjoy playing most. I am quickly discovering that breweries are some of the best places for me to play from Bellingham to Boise and beyond. There’s so much passion and love for the craft of brewing beer up here just like there was in Arizona for wine while I lived there. Since I’ve been spending so much time playing at breweries, I’ve been finding myself drinking more beer so I’m trying out my first beer and music pairing with the Rendezvous Porter from Old Schoolhouse Brewery.

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