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The Oddest Christmas Song You’ll Hear this Season

As I did last year, I have just released another not-so-ordinary seasonal song for you all to enjoy. I present “Odd Nog” (listen below), which tells the tale of a group of close friends or family infusing their Christmas Eve party with a little THC and it results in pure heartwarming fun for all.

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Expressway Balladeer Home Roots Tour Episodes [EB45-EB54]

I learned a lot from the Home Roots Tour but I also had one hell of a time. I learned where I want to take my music career, how I’d like to change my live performances and storytelling in my shows. If you were at the The Riviera show in Geneseo you know exactly what I’m talking about because that was the show I want to play and how I’ll base my future shows. It was, without a doubt the best show I’ve ever played and the most exciting part of is that there’s only better shows to come.

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Home Roots Tour 2016

So it’s come to this… the Home Roots Tour 2016 has official been announced in episode 42 of Expressway Balladeer and I’m so excited to embark on my first national tour but even more excited to finish it off in my home town of Geneseo, NY at The Riviera.

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Dog Days Tour 2016 Episodes [EB39-EB44]

Another great mini regional tour in the books! Here’s every episode of the Dog Days Tour. From the kickoff in Buckley, Washington to the final day where I perform two shows in two states in the same day (which was definitely a first for me). I also announce an exciting national tour beginning at the end of August! Catch up on every episode below.

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Solstice Tour 2016 Episodes [EB31-EB38]

The Solstice Tour was a great time through and through. As many of you know, I documented each day on tour in my Expressway Balladeer web series. I think the best one out of these eight new episodes is EB33 in Portland. Jon from The Upper Strata took me around his town and I got the low down on all the secrets of The City of Roses. The best show in the tour however was, by far, the last show at Vintage Vino and Espresso. The people who come out for my shows there are some of the best and it has truly become my favorite place to play in the Puget Sound area. Check out all the episodes below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss an episode while I’m on my Dog Days Tour.

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Here Comes the Dog Days Tour for July

It’s a busy summer for me, and the Dog Days tour is the second of three tours during this year’s warm season. I’m announcing this from Bend, OR while on my Solstice Tour, so this is really non stop for me all the way and I’m lovin’ it.

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Regional Weekend: Buckley, North Bend & Everett, WA [EB30]

What an incredibly busy weekend. I was in the process of moving to a new place and had three shows. Each evening of music was a nice break after moving and cleaning during the day but it made me a little goofy at times.

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Regional Weekend: Othello & Moses Lake, WA [EB29]

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a video but I’m back at it with this central Washington Regional Weekend in Othello and Moses Lake. The high desert scenery and wonderful people made this trip a nice break from the Puget Sound area.

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Announcing The Solstice Tour 2016!

This summer is going to be incredible and for more than one reason. Three reasons to be exact. We’ll start with the first… a seven date, three state excursion in June I’m calling The Solstice Tour 2016! That’s right, I’m headed back on the road. But what about those other two reasons, you ask? I have two more tours planned for this summer to round out a summer tour trilogy and it all begins with The Solstice Tour!

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Regional Weekend: Seattle, WA [EB28]

Finally, an all banjo episode of Expressway Balladeer. I mean, how did we get twenty-eight episodes into this series without an all banjo, all the time show? Anyways now that it’s here, I have some fun restringing my banjo with guitar strings to see if I can get a different sound out of it. Then I talk about my history with the banjo and play in downtown Seattle.

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