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The 5 Best Roads from Expressway Balladeer season 1

With most everyone traveling this week due to the absolute best holiday of the year (there’s no debate here), I wanted to share some of my favorite roads from the first season of Expressway Balladeer. These are all along the west coast so I’m looking forward to finding more great routes in the midwest and on the east coast.

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Fun with Animated Shorts on Snapchat and Instagram

So over the past week, my strange fascination in making animated shorts for Snapchat and Instagram reached a definite point of craziness. I’m having a lot of fun with these and I released a bunch little shorts from Lost Keys in Lounge Strange, the album I did with my buddy, Jake Boucher. Continue reading

My Album Written and Recorded in One Weekend

The title says it all. I challenged myself to write and record an album in one weekend and I’m proud to say that I actually did it. Stream or download it for free below then check out the story of the project.

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The Best Road Trip Food and How You Can Experience It

The first incredible season of Expressway Balladeer wrapped up a little while ago but I still want to share my favorite moments of my tours around the nation as I prepare new music and new places to visit for the next season. So here’s my first compilation of the best road trip food I ate while on tour. Bon appetit!

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Porter & Joe Cocker: Red Hook Beer and Music Pairing

Can it be Spring yet??! I’m so ready for it. Still, usually I’m a seasonal kind of guy when it comes to my drinks. I like whisky in winter and gin in summer. I like red wine in the cold weather and white in the summer sun. I enjoy a pale ale in the spring and a stout in the fall. But as we wind down out of winter looking (longingly) to spring, I’m enjoying a porter with equally longing music.

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The Magic Stone: A Fairy Tale

Stories have an enormous influence on culture and vice versa. We may not think about it sometimes but it’s true. It’s why we have certain superstitions, beliefs and feelings about a specific situation. We’ve all been brought up with some sort of story that serves as a piece of advice about everyday life and how to deal with it or how to behave. These come in the form of nursery rhymes, campfire stories and, of course, the fairy tale.

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Be Patriotic and Celebrate Black History Month

We’re still not there. In the 21st century, we in America are still not to the point where everyone is truly equal. Where no one person has an advantage over the other because of a superficial reason like skin color. It’s a shame really especially since so much of our culture has been built by black Americans.

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The Oddest Christmas Song You’ll Hear this Season

As I did last year, I have just released another not-so-ordinary seasonal song for you all to enjoy. I present “Odd Nog” (listen below), which tells the tale of a group of close friends or family infusing their Christmas Eve party with a little THC and it results in pure heartwarming fun for all.

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Expressway Balladeer Home Roots Tour Episodes [EB45-EB54]

I learned a lot from the Home Roots Tour but I also had one hell of a time. I learned where I want to take my music career, how I’d like to change my live performances and storytelling in my shows. If you were at the The Riviera show in Geneseo you know exactly what I’m talking about because that was the show I want to play and how I’ll base my future shows. It was, without a doubt the best show I’ve ever played and the most exciting part of is that there’s only better shows to come.

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Home Roots Tour 2016

So it’s come to this… the Home Roots Tour 2016 has official been announced in episode 42 of Expressway Balladeer and I’m so excited to embark on my first national tour but even more excited to finish it off in my home town of Geneseo, NY at The Riviera.

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